REHAU Montana Ecosmart House

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REHAU Montana Ecosmart House SIP Project Profile

REHAU Montana Ecosmart House – Bozeman, MT

The REHAU Montana ecosmart house is a project sponsored by REHAU and overseen by Montana State University Creative Research Lab. This project focuses on exhibiting the potential for maximized energy efficiency and comfort by incorporating a variety of energy-efficient, sustainable building products and systems. The goal of the project is to create a house that can achieve near net-zero status by combining on-site power generation with efficiency measures to meet most of its own energy requirements. The project will use sensors to monitor the house for 5 years as a “living laboratory” to evaluate the performance of the various systems.

R-Control SIPs were selected in the design of the project for the second story walls and roof. R-Control structural insulated panels offer superior insulation and provide the most efficient building envelope. R-Control SIPs not only provide a strong structural system that resist loads caused by wind and snow, but they are also environmentally friendly and save heating and cooling costs.